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Custom knife maker

Custom means what YOU want.


Established shapes, or your own one of a kind knife, I can make you the knife you always wanted.

Knives for Kitchen and Sport


Whether you are thinking of an 8" Chef knife, Drop Point Hunting knife, Kitchen Chopper, or a Sushi knife, choosing the right steel, blade design, and handle material are important decisions that I will help you make.

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Knife Care

High Carbon Steels

High Carbon steels will rust if not properly cared for.  I use a food grade mineral oil finish on all handles and blades.  if the handle is beginning to "dull", it is time to reapply a coating of oil to both handle and blade.  Wipe blade and handle with small amount of mineral oil on a cotton rag or paper towel.

Stainless Steels

Stainless steels are not rust proof, all knives need carbon to be harden-able, all carbon will rust.  Stainless steels rust less, but the same care as the High Carbon will prevent any rust. Wipe blade and handle with mineral oil occasionally will keep your knives healthy for a long time.

Washing and General care

Never wash your knives in a dishwasher, hand wash and put it back in a knife block, (spine down if vertical), case, roll or magnet bar. Never keep sharp knives in a drawer unprotected.


Keep the edge straight with a knife steel, a few strokes regularly is all it takes to prolong a good edge.  When your knife needs sharpening, contact me and send it back to me for free sharpening.  

Sharpening Service

I sharpen other makers knives for a fee of $1/inch for straight blades, $5 minimum per blade, or $2/inch for serrated blades, $10 minimum per blade.


(616) 460-2660


Repair of broken tips, edge chips, etc is available, contact me for a quote.